RMJ Saksman – when durability, practicality and the natural beauty of wood are a priority in your furniture.

RMJ Saksman Oy is a Salo-based company operating in the wood processing industry that produces high-quality, durable furniture and interior decoration materials made to measure from different timbers.


RMJ Saksman Oy produces high-quality furniture and components that can be tailored to a great variety of settings and uses.

We apply our leading edge skills to help you progress from an idea to a finished product. We have plenty of experience of demanding conditions, in which the durability and practicality of our furniture and the natural beauty of wood are highlighted.

We have been producing various interior decoration elements for the boat-building industry and components needed in boats throughout our 10-year history.

RMJ Saksman Oy manufactures various structural components for industrial needs with different degrees of completion and surface treatments. Our component production range also includes products made to measure.

Thanks to our spacious facilities and the technologies we use, we can cost-effectively manufacture products both large and small as required by our customers.

The components are manufactured fast and cost-effectively based on the drawings.

Our special expertise includes high-shine surfaces, both painted and varnished.


Technical design and consultancy

Our technical design and consultancy services open up new perspectives and opportunities for example in materials use.

Our technical design and consultancy are based on knowledge and skills obtained through convincing experience. Come to us with your ideas or half-finished products, and we will help you complete the project.

We can make the product models and prototypes needed and find the products and materials you need.



In boats, the durability, practicality and industrial design of furnishings is vital. Understanding customer needs and keeping to delivery schedules are always questions of honour to us. We also apply the same uncompromising quality thinking to the manufacture of other furniture and customer service.


RMJ Saksman Oy continuously engages in product development efforts focusing on combining products and materials. By constantly renewing ourselves, we can stay on the leading edge of development.


Profitable business is only possible through happy customers. RMJ Saksman Oy produces added value for our customers and understands the needs of our customers. Our customer relationships are based on trust and mutual benefit.

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